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Poem of the Week

A Soldier’s the Solder That Binds

When Tommy and Billy and Jerry march off
With full kit bags, nobody minds.
Folks line the road cheering, wave flags from the roof.
A soldier’s the solder that binds.

When Johnny limps back missing lopsided grin,
A scar where his kerchief unwinds,
A chorus united sings, “Keep up your chin!”
A soldier’s the solder that binds.

The ones that go missing with never a trace—
Or no scrap that anyone finds—
The boy so lost not even friends can embrace,
Each soldier’s the solder that binds;

Especially when memory has melted like wax
Where absence on loyalty grinds
And summons more young to renew old attacks,
A soldier’s the solder that binds.

~ Dan Campion

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