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photo: Ana Venegas

Poem of the Week

Recipe for Disaster

The art of cooking isn’t hard to master.
Read Julia, Beard, issues of Food and Wine;
Most likely it won’t turn out a disaster.

And nowadays, learn dishes even faster—
with recipes shared everywhere online,
the art of cooking isn’t hard to master.

But these were family secrets in the past, or
more personal, a woman’s own design,
and borrowing recipes could spell disaster.

Mistakes “crept in”: the sugar, salt in vaster
quantities, a “4” rewritten “9”—
of course the art of cooking’s hard to master

when following vague measurements, like “dash” or
“handful.” Anything could undermine
the meal and make it turn out a disaster.

The author then would shrug and faintly gesture,
forcing her smile into a somber line:
“The art of cooking is so hard to master,
I’m sorry it all turned out a disaster.”

~ Midge Goldberg
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