Andrew Nicholls


Your Future

There may (or there may not) be somebody waiting for you.
They will (or will not) have a heart that is trusting and true.
Their smile says (or doesn’t) that here is your husband or wife
As they come (or they don’t) round a corner and into your life.
They’ll smile (or not notice) as you search the grass on your knees
And ask (or keep walking) if you need help finding your keys.
They’ll laugh (or be two miles away) when you rise from the ground
With a hair-toss that says (or does not) “So I find, and am found!”
Your soul will give echo (or won’t) to coy, playful remarks.
You’ll walk hand-in-hand (or alone) through museums and parks.
And your heart will resound (or stay silent) to music that plays
As a background to fill (or leave empty) the rest of your days.

Andrew Nicholls is a longtime TV writer, writing for print since 2013. His poem “Follow the Bouncing Molecule” appeared in Light’s Fall 2020 issue.