Autumn 1999

Number 26

Robert Wallace Memorial Issue
A.M. Juster's Seedy
Flower Children
Rhoda Bandler On
Bagels & Hegel

Featured Poet: Jack Little


The right wing rants;
The left wing chants.
Since both befuddle,
I'm stuck in the muddle.

-Joyce La Mers


Oh, they're tearing the confetti
  And they're chilling down the wine,
'Cause there's gonna be a party
  At the end of '99.

Better make your reservations;
  That ol' magic number nears.
There won't be a bash like this one
  For another thousand years.

At Times Square you'll want to be as
  We all raise our glasses high
When the numbers start their roll on
  That odometer in the sky

And those three tremendous goose eggs
  Come to give us all a thrill;
If a new millennium won't change
  Your life, then nothing will.

Now, some scientists at Harvard,
  Though they hate to spoil the fun,
Say the third millennium begins

Since there never was Year Nothing
  (We began at One A.D.),
Year Two Thousand's just the last of
  This millennium. You see?

But the party planners know such
  'Rithmetic does not apply,
'Cause there aren't too many people
  Who can really count that high,

So without a pause for breath they
  Keep on getting into gear
For that most historic moment.
  (Yeah, well, give or take a year.)

              -MAX GUTMANN



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