Spring 2000

Number 28

Garden Fancies

Tom Disch, Richard Moore,
R.S. Gwynn

Featured Poet: J. Patrick Lewis

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I have a friend who's not well dressed.
He wears no hat. He wears no vest.

Upon his back he wears no shirt,
so you can see there's lots of dirt.

He wears no shoes upon his feet.
He wears no pants upon his seat.

In fact, he doesn't wear a stitch,
so he can scratch if there's an itch.

I hope that you don't find him rude-
my dog is happy in the nude.



Now, having supped on woolen cloth,
The silly, suicidal moth,
Inexorably drawn to flame,
Takes fervent, final, fatal aim
At taper's top. He is tonight
Disposed to dyin' by candlelight.




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