Pride of the Academy

by Julia Griffin For Maria; without permission “Researchers this week claimed to have found the final resting place of [Plato], a patch in the garden of his Athens Academy, after scanning [with broadband infrared light] an ancient papyrus scroll recovered from the library of a Herculaneum villa that was buried when Mount Vesuvius erupted in […]

WINTER/SPRING 2024 ISSUE: Table of Contents

Featured PoetDaniel Galef Spotlight: Daniel Galefby Melissa Balmain Book Reviewsby Barbara Loots Poems by…Brian AllgarWael AlmahdiBruce BennettJerome BettsJane BlanchardDan CampionD.A. CooperBarbara Lydecker CranePat D’AmicoPhilip DunkerleyJohn Tabb DuValLászló FelekiKelly Scott FranklinDavid GalefNicole Caruso GarciaClaudia GaryStephen GoldJulia GriffinMax GutmannAnthony HarringtonDavid HedgesRobin Helweg-LarsenBryan HendrixR.W. KellySteven KentCarl KinskyPhilip KitcherDorian KotsiopoulosPeggy LandsmanRichard LaurbergMichael LindKyle A. MassaMartin McGovernBruce McGuffinMike Mesterton-GibbonsAlfred NicolChris […]

Max Gutmann

BACK  |  CONTENTS  |  NEXT Villaintine’s Day It’s horrible and rather stupidTo hold each year a day for CupidWhose claim to fame is shooting folks,Aggression none of them provokes.Is this behavior to condone?We have no day for Al Capone.No holidays are lavished onJohn Dillinger or Ghengis Kahn.We don’t exalt the memoriesOf vicious monsters such as […]

Stephen Gold

BACK  |  CONTENTS  |  NEXT Altarations When Alice first brought Stanley home,Charmaine and I were wowed.He seemed so kind, polite, refined,A boy to make you proud. Regard for his outstanding giftsCame swiftly to the boil,When we received the thrilling newsHis dad owned Dallas Oil. And so, dear friends and family,Upon this special day,My heart is […]

Come and See

by Julia Griffin “4 Escaped Zebras Spotted on Washington State Highway” —The New York Times As if we needed more foreboding dramas, Here comes the latest news flash from North Bend: Four zebras pound the highway—it’s the end! Lo! the Apocalypse, in striped pajamas!

Death of a Drinking Man

by Julia Griffin “The Simpsons has killed off beloved character Larry the Barfly after 35 years” —Digital Spy “Larry was—around” —Moe’s regular Carl Carlson He sat out half the journey of man’s life At Moe’s. He liked Duff beer (so we assume). He had no other pleasures, job, or wife We know of—just an aged […]

Faker’s Dozen

by Julia Griffin “Seven men and five women have been chosen to sit on the jury in the ex-president’s hush-money trial. Here’s what we know” —The Guardian J 1: works in sales; married; childless; BA. J 2: MBA; in investments; well-read. J 3: west-coast lawyer; late 20s (some say); J 4: two-time juror; unbiased (he’s […]

The Last Straw: A Dialogue

by Julia Griffin “Brazilian woman arrested after taking corpse to sign bank loan: ‘She knew he was dead’ “This is the last straw … This goes beyond all limits because there can be no doubt … about the difference between a living person and a dead person,” [a journalist] said.” —The Guardian LP: warm body […]

White Bird of Happiness

by Julia Griffin For Mary “A Stork, a Fisherman and Their Unlikely Bond Enchant Turkey Thirteen years ago, a stork landed on a fisherman’s boat looking for food. He has come back every year since, drawing national attention. … “Nature doesn’t have much space for emotions,” [a Turkish ornithologist] said. “For the stork, it is […]

Saturation, Satisfaction

by Julia Griffin For Mary “Everyone in Japan will be called Sato by 2531 unless marriage law changed, says professor” —The Guardian Japan in the year 2531: We’d require a squadron of seers To fill us in on what will have been done In five hundred and seven-odd years; Hokkaido’s snows may have long since […]


by Julia Griffin “Controversial Titanic floating door prop sells for $718,750 The much-debated door from the 1997 film, which only had room to save Kate Winslet’s Rose but not Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack, has sold at auction” —The Guardian What was it worth, that much-debated door Which saved Kate’s Rose, not Leonardo’s Jack? We know how […]


by Julia Griffin Colbert, you have your answer! Oliver, take a bow! MOTHER OF THREE HAS CANCER. What shall we laugh at now?

Off the Old Block

by Julia Griffin For Mary “Chocolate chip ice cream, once a year-round staple, has fallen out of favor… [One manufacturer said] chocolate chip has become ‘a market-specific flavor based on consumer preferences.’” —The New York Times Market-specific—that eternal flavor? Consumer preferences? What stupid clown Decides this? My old favorite’s out of favor??? It’s time to […]

Ballade of Electoral Anxiety

by Julia Griffin “Joe Biden confuses Gaza with Ukraine in airdrop announcement” —The Guardian Life can’t be easy in the highest sphere. The Presidency’s not a sinecure, (Though Air Force One is comfortable, I hear, And White House life has some distinct allure— At least from what I gathered on the tour); My point, however, […]

Persian Emersion

by Julia Griffin “Tube of Ancient Red Lipstick Unearthed in Iran… The lipstick dates to between 1936 and 1687 B.C.E., according to a study … [A]nalysis revealed that the powder is made of hematite…, manganite, braunite, galena, anglesite and plant-based waxes. This mixture… ‘bears a striking resemblance to the recipes of contemporary lipsticks.’ … While […]