Pat D’Amico


Drift Dodger

I have run the gamut swiftly,
I’ve dodged those who lay in wait;
I’ve ignored their warmest smiles,
I have passed up all their bait.
Those who are less fleet of foot
Are always getting blitzed
But I got through the perfume aisle
And didn’t once get spritzed.

(Originally published in The Wall Street Journal)

Pat D’Amico is a former elementary school teacher who has always enjoyed packaging life’s ironies in rhyme. She was a regular contributor to The Wall Street Journal‘s Pepper and Salt from 1986 to 2000. Her verses have appeared in The Saturday Evening Post, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, Light Quarterly, Lighten Up ( book two), Lighten Up Online, Northwest Prime Time, and The Seattle Times. She has three booklets in print: Doggerellies, Grandmarellies, and Thwarting Father Time.