Poems of the Week

By Any Other Name

by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons

“Brexit: ‘Under-loved’ fish renamed for British tastes…
Megrim sole is to be sold as Cornish sole, with spider crab
being rebranded as Cornish King crab.”

By any other name, no taste’s the same:
You can’t pretend it doesn’t matter if
A megrim sole is served with some alt. name—
No diner orders scaldfish or a whiff!
Yum-yum’s not what you’d say if your soufflé
Of seafood had a spider-crabby sound,
Though if the Cornish King crab’s your entrée,
How eagerly that selfsame dish is downed! …
Exporting’s now a megrim for the Brits.
Renaming megrim sole as Cornish sole
Not only makes it edible, but it’s
A way to make Brits love their seafood shoal! …
Marine cuisine served up as Cornish food
Ensures EU red tape can be eschewed!