Poems of the Week

Instant Breakfast

by Marshall Begel

“Eggo’s ‘Brunch in a Jar’ marries booze with brunch… The sipping alcohol,
which is 40 proof, is meant to highlight all the flavors found at your typical
brunch spread ― bacon, syrup, butter and of course, Eggo waffles”

I’ve found a dish that I can make—
It’s better than that protein shake—
This modern breakfast that you pour.
In fact, I think I’ll have one more.

Why go to some ol’ restaurant?
They never serve you whatchu want—
For instance… breakfasht you can pour!
I thing I’ll have myself summore.

Now every day, I’ll rise frrom bed,
No crackin’ eggs or toashtin’ bread.
For I’ll have breakfast that I p-pour…
Is thish… hic… nummer three or four?

Pleazh poke me iff I shtart to snore.