Poems of the Week

Sweaty And Dirty

by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons

“BBC News Says Presenters Can Relax Formal Dress Code As ‘Sweaty & Dirty’ Look
Is More Trustworthy”


Sartorially sumptuous on air
Was how reporters for the Beeb once were
Expected to appear—but dirty hair
And sweaty armpits now are de rigueur:
To win the viewer’s trust, don’t look as though
You just stepped off red-carpet duty—smell
Authentic! To distinguish you from faux
News anchors wearing suits and ties to sell
Deliberately biased breaking views,
Dress down, reflect your viewers’ garb! This norm
Is recommended for all rolling news
Reporting, to engage the TikTok swarm …
Though if you’d be like them, should you not wear
Your underwear or PJs on the air?