We are reading submissions for Light's first online issues. Our inaugural issue and updated website will go live in late spring or early summer '13. (The reason for our name change, from Light Quarterly to Light: the magazine is becoming semiannual.)

Before submitting work, please read the following guidelines:

>We are looking for funny, well-crafted poems. Most of the time, this will mean work that rhymes and/or scans--but we are also open to comic free verse.

>Please submit only poems that have never been published online (except maybe in an online workshop). It's OK if the poems have appeared in books or print journals--EXCEPT for Light--as long as those publications weren't within the previous two years. You must own the copyright to the submitted work. (If the work has been printed before, please tell us where and when.)

>We do not consider simultaneous submissions.

>Please submit up to five poems, all in one electronic file, with poems separated by page breaks. Your name and contact info should be at the top of each page. Our online submissions system is available here: Submit to Light Poetry Magazine. This method of submitting is secure, easy, and greatly preferred; you will receive an automatic message letting you know your work has been received. If you absolutely must submit by snail mail, however, please check this site again in April '13 for our new postal address. (We are in the midst of changing our mailing info.) Your poems need to be submitted in one of the following formats:

Word document (.doc) files
Rich Text Format (.rtf) files
Text (.txt) files
Portable Document Format (.pdf) files
Word Perfect (.ppf) files

*Note that submissions are limited to five poems (1 file), and may not include images.

>We will try to respond to submissions within eight to 10 weeks, though it may sometimes take longer. Please let us respond to your submission before you send additional poems.

>Like most poetry magazines, Light is a nonpaying market—at least for now. We seek non-exclusive rights to your work. (See below.)

>Although accepted poems will usually be published within six to 18 months, there may be a backlog of other accepted work that delays publication. Multiple acceptances may be published in more than one issue. It's our understanding, in accepting your work, that:

It's original work, by you, and you hold the copyright. you will not publish the same work online for at least six months after it first appears in Light.

While you retain all rights to your poem/s, we will post everything we publish in our online archives, and so require non-exclusive electronic permissions.

We have your permission to include your published poem/s in a printed anthology. If possible, you will receive compensation for such an inclusion, either in dollars or copies.

If you have questions not answered here, feel free to contact Light's editors at lightpoetrymagazine@gmail.com

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