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Back Issues

Autumn-Winter 2011-2012 Double Issue

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Edmund Conti, Ed Shacklee, Dan Campion, Philip Appleman,
Timothy Murphy, Alexander Shihwarg, Richard Wakefield, Joyce La Mers,
Mae Scanlan, J. D. Smith, Melissa Balmain, Claudia Gary, Tony Inchley, Max Gutmann

Featured Poet: Fred Yannantuono

Spring-Summer 2011 Double Issue

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Bruce Berger, Dan Campion, Duane K. Caylor, David Hedges,
Mae Scanlan, Rockin’ Red, Pat D’Amico, Susan W. Peters,
Max Gutmann, Allan Crossman

Featured Poet: Louis Phillips

Autumn-Winter 2010-2011 Double Issue

Dan Campion, David Yezzi, Katherine B. Smith, J. Patrick Lewis, John Morgan,
Mary Meriam, Joyce La Mers, Jim Fisher, Colette Inez,
Max Gutmann, Fred Yannantuono, Darby Tench

Featured Poet: Charles Gould

Summer 2010 Issue

David R. Slavitt, X. J. Kennedy, Bruce Bennett, David Hedges,
Simon Rees, Stephen Turner, John Morgan, Hugh Moore, S. A. Copans,
Paul Buchheit, Edward Sadtler, Dan Campion

Featured Poet: Charles Ghigna

Spring 2010 Issue
Mary Veazey Tribute

Mary Meriam, Joyce La Mers, John Morgan,
J. Patrick Lewis, Ned Balbo, Robert Schechter,
Dan Campion, Marion Shore, Richard Wakefield

Featured Poet: John Whitworth

Autumn-Winter 2010 Double Issue
Richard Moore Tribute

Mae Scanlan, Patricia Frederick, Ruth Lee, Marc D. Cyr, Dan Campion,
Joyce La Mers, Bill Christophersen, John Morgan, Thomas Emery,
Pat D’Amico, R. S. Gwynn, X. J. Kennedy

Featured Poet: John Ridland

Spring-Summer 2009 Double Issue
Ann E. Michael, Tom Disch, Edmund Conti,
Amit Majmudar, Victor Howes, Susan de Sola,
Bruce Taylor, Nicholas Friedman,
Jonathan Levy, David J. Rothman, Gordon King

Featured Poet: Mae Scanlan

 Fall-Winter 2008 Double Issue
Jim Hayes, Max Gutmann,
Dan Campion, Richard O'Connell, Jeff Crandall,
J. Patrick Lewis, Noam D. Plum

Featured Poet: Pat D'Amico

Spring-Summer Issue 2008
Special Tom Disch Issue
Dan Campion, Timothy Murphy, Philip
Appleman, William J. Middleton,
Melissa Balmain, Henry Harlan, Bruce
Berger, Gail White, J. Patrick Lewis

Featured Poet: David Yezzi

 Winter Issue 2007-2008
Joyce La Mers, John Updike, Dan Campion,
Tom Disch, Bruce Berger, Amit Majmadar, Richard
Wakefield, T. S. Kerrigan, Richard Moore

Featured Poet: Victor Howes

 Autumn Issue 2007
Tom Disch, Susan Kinsolving, Joyce La Mers,
J. Patrick Lewis, David J. Rothman,
Dan Campion, Richard Moore, Dana Gioia,
Rockin' Red, Mae Scanlan

Featured Poet: T. S. Kerrigan

 Spring-Summer 2007 Double Issue
John Updike, Dan Campion,
Richard Moore, Max Gutmann,
Dan Skwire, Joyce La Mers,
Mary Meriam, Joseph F. Connelly,
David Hedges

Featured Poet: Melissa Balmain

Winter 2006 -2007 Issue
Colette Inez, David Yezzi,
Joyve La Mers, Dan Campion,
Richard Moore, Mae Scanlan,
Gail White, Tom Disch

Featured Poet: Max Gutmann

Autumn 2006 Issue
Susan McLean, Bruce Berger,
Chris Bullard, Richard Moore,
Dan Campion, Joyce La Mers,
J. Patrick Lewis, Tom Disch,
Alfred Nicol, A.M. Juster,
Fred Yannantuono, Stephen Scaer

Featured Poet: Amit Majmudar

 Spring/Summer 2006 Issue
Double Issue
John Updike, David Wagoner,
Tom Disch, Richard Moore,
Dan Campion, Timothy Murphy

Featured Poet: David Galef

 Winter 2005 - 2006 Issue
X.J. Kennedy, Richard Moore,
R.S. Gwynn, Dan Campion,
Melissa Balmain, David Yezzi

Featured Poet: Robert Conquest

Autumn 2005 Issue
X.J. Kennedy, Rob McKenty,
R.S. Gwynn, Dan Campion, Barbara
Loots, Jim Hayes, Bruce Berger

Featured Poet: Richard Wakefield

 Summer 2005 Issue
Richard Moore, Andrew Shields,
A.E. Stallings, Tom Disch, Allen Tice,
Alfred Nicol, Andrew Glaze

Featured poet: Jim Hayes

Spring 2005 Issue
Featuring Tom Disch, A. E. Stallings,
Richard Wakefield, Sally Cook,
Melissa Balmain, Edmund Conti

Featured poet: Andrew Glaze 

 Winter 2004-2005 Issue
Featuring Bruce Berger, Alfred Nicol,
Dan Campion, Edmund Conti,
Richard Wakefield, and Robert Schechter

Featured Poet: Joseph S. Salemi

Autumn 2004 Issue
R.S. Gwynn, Bruce Berger, Dan Skwire,
Maureen Cannon, Dick Hayman,
Henry George Fischer, Edmund Conti,
Rob McKenty, Rockin' Red

Featured Poet: Philip Appleman

Spring-Summer 2004 Issue
X.J. Kennedy, David Wagoner, Tom Disch,
Charles E. Gould, Jr., Rockin' Red, Bruce Berger
Featured Poet: Maureen Cannon

Winter 2003-04 Issue
Alfred Nicol's First Installment of Persnickery
Ichabod's Rhyming Diary
Featured Poet: David Wagoner

Autumn 2003 Issue
Joyce La Mers, Richard Nickson, Dan Campion
Featured Poet: Henry George Fischer

Spring/Summer 2003 Issue
Special Double Issue
Tom Disch, A.E. Stallings, Robert Mezey
Featured Poet: A.M. Juster

Winter 2002-3 Issue
Special Gavin Ewart Issue
Featured Poet Edmund Conti

Autumn 2002 Issue
Special Classic Joke Issue
(Guest Editors Tim Murphy & Carol A. Taylor)
Featured Poet David Mason

Spring/Summer 2002 Issue
Double Issue
Featured Poet Rhoda Bandler

Winter 2001-2002 Issue
Winter Wonderlands
Featured Poet: Joyce La Mers

 Autumn 2001 Issue
Harvest Moons
Featured Poet: Timothy Murphy

Summer 2001 Issue
Summer Moonshine
Featured Poet: Stanley Mason

Spring 2001 Issue
Spring Fever
Featured Poet: R.S. Gwynn

Winter 2000 Issue
Winter Wassails
Featured Poet: Frederick Turner

Autumn 2000 Issue
Fall Fancies
Featured Poet: Alan Sullivan

Summer 2000 Issue
A Summer Garden
Featured Poet: Tom Riley

Spring 2000 Issue
Garden Fancies
Featured Poet: J. Patrick Lewis

Winter 1999 Issue
Millenial Hijinks
Featured Poet: Gail White

Autumn 1999 Issue
Robert Wallace Memorial Issue
Featured Poet: Jack Little

Summer 1999 Issue
Limerick Variations
Featured Poet: Bob McKenty

Spring 1999 Issue
Fred Turner On Presidential Prurience
Featured Poet: G.N. Gabbard

Winter 1998 Issue
Tom Disch On Smashing China
Featured Poet: Alma Denny

Autumn 1998 Issue
Tom Disch Mints Sweet Triolets
Featured Poet: Dan Campion

Summer 1998 Issue
Rhoda Bandler on Perils of the Internet
Featured Poet: A.E. Stallings

Winter 1997 Issue
Balancing Acts
Featured Poet: Willard Espy

Summer 1997 Issue
John Frederick Nims
Featured Poet: William Rossa Cole

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