Al Gundy



When something you’re eyeing
is plain stupefying,
your jaw, in confusion, will drop.
The sight is so gripping,
your flapper is flipping.
They call that demeanor a gawp.

When something’s surprising,
your blood pressure’s rising,
and dazzled, you stare in a daze,
your brain isn’t thinking,
your eyes aren’t blinking,
they call that expression a gaze.

With jaw fully dropping,
and eyes also popping,
you’re totally bent out of shape.
The sight’s so amazing,
you’re gawping and gazing.
They call that contortion a gape.

When something’s astounding,
your ticker is pounding,
you’re stunned and you can’t even talk,
your body is churning,
your stomach is turning,
they call that appearance a gawk.

Throughout such assessing,
we’re left only guessing
where all of this starts, and will stop.
When something’s so shocking,
you’re gaping and gawking…
well, that’s how we started with gawp.

Al Gundy is a native of Massachusetts, and performs his work in the Boston/Cambridge area. He also enjoys cartooning. For very young audiences, he makes funny faces.