Light is published by the nonprofit, nonpartisan Foundation for Light Verse, Inc. Its twice-yearly issues feature funny, well-crafted verse about all sorts of things. Its Poems of the Week are inspired by topics currently in the news (political or otherwise). 

We’re open to work from the left or the right,
to formal or free verse, refined or with bite,
to thought that’s like ours or that’s different by half:
we just want good stuff that’ll make people laugh.

Before sending work (welcome year-round), please read at least one issue of the magazine, then follow the guidelines found here.

Got a book you’d like considered for a possible review in Light
one that includes a large helping of light verse and was published within the previous 12 months, or will be published in the next six?
Please send a copy to:
Barbara Loots
4741 Central St.
Ste. 601
Kansas City, MO 64112
(Pre-print-run electronic copies may be sent to