Editing and publishing Light is an all-volunteer effort, but our costs add up—including web hosting, government fees, domain fees, and membership in an online submissions system. Plus, we aim to organize as many light-verse events as possible and even (gasp) put out an old-school, on-paper “best of” edition now and then. (The first one’s in the works!)

To help keep Light burning bright, we hope you’ll consider making a tax-deductible donation*. As a token of thanks, for a donation of $35 or more, we’ll send you a snazzy metal Light bookmark, just the thing to hold your place in something hilarious. For $55 or more, we’ll send either a fat Light notebook, suitable for your middle-of-the-night ravings inspirations, or a copy of the rib-tickling anthology Kiss and Part, edited by Gail White,  published by Max Gutmann, and featuring verse by many of  your favorite funny poets. For $80, we’ll send the bookmark and book or notepad. For $125 and up? We’ll gladly send all three.

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$1000 makes an entire village pee in its pants.

* From our accountant: “To claim an income tax deduction for your charitable contribution, you (the donor) are required to obtain and keep a bank record or a written communication from the Foundation for Light Verse as a record of the contribution.” (PayPal sends a message to each donor, which acts as a receipt.)