Anna M. Evans


If Verse Forms Were Superheroes…

The villanelle is Batman, suave and dark,
a bit self-conscious of his repetends.
The sestina’s Ironman—like Tony Stark
he loves himself and irritates his friends.
The pantoum’s Tarzan, always getting by
on half the words because of twice the muscle.
You’ll really believe the triolet can fly,
but don’t ask me why Spiderman’s a ghazal.

Yet who do they all turn to when the day
needs saving? Nothing tending to repeat.
They need a subtle form who knows the way
to strategize, who’s dainty on her feet.
A sexy form who’s always got your back—
the Catwoman sonnet, svelte in skintight black.


Anna M. Evans’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in the Harvard Review, Atlanta Review, Rattle, American Arts Quarterly, and 32 Poems. She gained her MFA from Bennington College, and is the editor of the Raintown Review. Recipient of Fellowships from the MacDowell Artists’ Colony and the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and winner of the 2012 Rattle Poetry Prize Readers’ Choice Award, she currently teaches at West Windsor Art Center and Richard Stockton College of NJ. Her most recent poetry collection is Sisters & Courtesans (White Violet Press, 2014). Visit her online at