Anthony Harrington


Happy Trails

Roy Rogers is a noble name.
Oh, it will never die,
But Roy really had a real name
And it was Leonard Slye.

Now don’t you think Dale Evans
Sometimes had the yen,
Seeing Roy nobly staring,
To cry, “Come off it, Len”?

To say, “Knock off the posing.
That’s Triggershit, you jerk!
I’m your wife, remember?
Save that stuff for work”?

Roy Rogers must have many times
Looked sharply at his mate,
And thought how wonderful she’d look
In a taxidermic state.

But Roy, that gentleman cowboy,
Would let his anger pass.
He’d count to ten, but later on,
Kick Bullet in the ass.


Born and raised in the Philadelphia area many decades ago, Anthony Harrington was educated in a local seminary where he was exposed to the Classics, Philosophy, and Theology, strains of which keep showing up in his verse. Semi-retired from an undistinguished career in sales, he lives with his wife, Natalie, in Alpharetta, Georgia. His dog Oliver also lives there, but Harrington chooses not to mention him because he can’t read. For more of his work, visit