Barbara Loots


Colonoscopy: A Love Poem

My love is like a red, red rose.
I know because I’ve seen
the photographs inside of him
projected on a screen:

the petal-like appearance of
his proximal transverse,
his mid-ascending colon
like a rose’s opening purse,

appendiceal orifice,
a bud not yet unfurled—
Oh, what a pleasing garden is
my true love’s inner world!

How very like a red, red rose
his clean and healthy gut.
I love my laddie all the more
since looking up his butt.


Long a poet of the LIGHT persuasion, Barbara Loots has published work in Light, Light & Bawdy, and The Random House Anthology of Light Verse. Not to mention thousands of Hallmark cards. Her new book is Road Trip.