Bob McKenty


The Treadmill

Side by side by side by side
We take the treadmill in our stride,
Where marathoners and this wreck
Stay neck and neck and neck and neck.


The Driveway Needs Sealing

The driveway needs sealing;
The lawn mower’s busted;
The wallpaper’s peeling;
The railing is rusted;
The windows need stripping;
The chair legs need glue;
The faucets are dripping
(The gutters are too);
The fireplace needs bricks. It
Has gone bad to worse.
And where’s Mr. Fixit?
He’s writing this verse.

(First published in Fallout from a Nuclear Family.)


Lot’s Wife

Little What’s-Her-Name (Lot’s bride)
Always clung to hubby’s side.
(It wasn’t till the troublemaker
Turned to salt that he could shake her.)

Bob McKenty remembers when there were numerous print periodicals that not only welcomed, but paid for light verse. Fortunately, he kept his day job.