Bob McKenty


Politically Correct Sonnet

It’s time to run the Redskins out of town,
The Braves as well—and Indians and Chiefs,
The tomahawk chop, Chief Wahoo (Cleveland’s clown),
And similar insensitive motifs.
The Vatican objects, not once, but twice:
To bounty-hunting “Saints,” for raising hell;
To Devils, who do not belong on ice,
Where they’ve been posted by the NHL.
Belligerent, the Russians now demand
A name change for the Reds they find obscene.
Somalis want our Pirates to disband,
And Royals are offensive to the Queen.
Eagles, Blue Jays, Orioles, begone!
(You’re being challenged by the Audubon.)


Hindsight Little Willies

Tiger Woods

Little Tiger, prodigy,
Started playing golf at three;
Played a round when just a tot;
Later played around a lot.

Wayne Gretzky

Little Wayne made figure eights
On his little figure skates.
“The Great One” with his super powers
Then made eight figures on his Bauers.

Bruce Jenner

Little Bruce loved Wheaties so,
He graced their boxes long ago.
No longer running with the jocks,
He’s ready for the All-Bran box.


purpleLBob McKenty is an obscure minor poet with aspirations to mediocrity. He believes he is the inventor of the Hindsight Little Willie.