Bruce McGuffin


Road Kill On The Mountain Of Life

(based on a true story)

It’s a major ski disaster,
yes they’ll wrap me up in plaster
’cause that kid was skiing faster
than I was down the hill.

Who knew hitting kids would break me?
When I pass out try to wake me.
If the ski patrol won’t take me,
at day’s end I’ll be here still.

Snow is falling, skiers ogle
as I turn into a mogul.
I just know the next big vogue’ll
be to jump me, what a thrill.


Reese climbed up on top to fix her
bake shop’s giant batter mixer.
When the blades began to spin
she lost her grip and fell right in.

I asked the bakery to bake
and decorate a birthday cake
for all my nephews and my nieces.
It was full of Reese’s pieces.

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Though ballerinas en tutu
May dance a graceful pas de deux,
I think the two-step can’t be beat.
I dance it with my two left feet.

Bruce McGuffin has been writing light poetry for years, despite the long-ago urgings of his high school English teacher to give it up. His poems have appeared in Light, Lighten Up Online, and Parody. When he is not writing poetry he plays with radios at a research center near Boston. Although he has been an adult for many years now, he still feels the urge to stand on a tree stump when he sees one.