Cara Valle


Macbeth’s Drinking Song

Triple, triple, quaff and tipple:
Vodka shots and slippery nipple;
Boilermaker, sake bomb;
Mr. Collins (John or Tom)—
Come, Macbeth, and drown your guilt
Under a sea of liquor spilt—
Cosmo, greyhound, Prince of Wales;
Whisky sours and rusty nails;
Tom and Jerry, gin martini;
Ruby Duchess, peach Bellini;
Bloody Mary, harvest moon—
Tequila sunrise comes too soon.

The Darcy Rule

His secretive nobility,
his grave good looks,
unstinting generosity,
thick pocketbooks,

Appearances with torso bare
on BBC …
Though Mr. D. may gratify
your fantasy,

essays about him in my class
are not allowed.
The garden of his eulogy
is overplowed.

Cara Valle’s poems have appeared in The Rotary Dial, Mezzo Cammin, The Lyric, The Grub Street Grackle, Literary Mama, and Epiphany. She teaches high school literature and poetry while homeschooling her three children in Houston, Texas.