Catherine Chandler


How modest and shy my new Mrs.
She blushes beet-red at my krs.
She hasn’t the heart
to sneeze, burp or fart,
and denies that she poops and she prs.!


Afternoon on a Pill
With apologies to Edna St. Vincent Millay

I will have the thinnest bod
Under the sun!
I will flip a dozen pancakes
And not eat one.

I will look at bread and rolls
With hungry eyes,
Watch the baker knead his dough,
And the dough rise.

And when the pangs begin to growl
Up from below,
I will dine on chitosan
And H2O!


Catherine Chandler is an American/Canadian poet, teacher, and translator. She is the author of Lines of Flight, This Sweet Order, and Glad and Sorry Seasons. Her poetry blog, The Wonderful Boat, is online at