Charles Martin



Now that my little POEM-A-WEEK is done,
It’s time to find the handle I’ve desired
From the first moment I called out, inspired,
For pen and paper and began.
It burst out of its stall and dared me tame it,
Bucking and twisting underneath my grip,
Until I used the bridle and the whip
To show who’s master here.
What now to name it?
Do titles matter, really? If so, why?
As if the title tree were too long shaken,
The best ones seem to be already taken;
We will be left with nothing, by and by.
Advantage mine, to get a leg up on it!
What but “             ” can I name this sonnet?

At present Charles Martin is residing in a picturesque Alpine chateau on the slopes of Mont Quessy, in the charming canton of Manques-y-deux.