Chris O’Carroll


Rhonda Santis

I’m Florida’s hottest performer,
Rhonda Santis the drag queen by name.
My bra, stuffed with lies about history,
Makes me fascism’s flashiest dame.

By grooming our public school children
To know who Americans hate,
I will make every state in the nation
A red, white, and anti-woke state.

Am I a Robot?

The chat bot writes a poem that kinda sucks
And kinda doesn’t, kinda sounds OK.
It uses similes and metaphors
(Albeit in a blah-blah kinda way),
And echoes from the canon fragments of
What bards of every generation say.

It doesn’t smack of thee and me, of course,
But reads like all those poets we deplore.
Thus doggerel is outsourced to AI
While our ilk have far finer work in store.
At least I hope that’s how the story goes—
The hacks and bots plod on, our verses soar.

Chris O’Carroll is the author of two books of poems, The Joke’s on Me and Abracadabratude. He has been a Light featured poet, and his work appears in New York City Haiku, Love Affairs at the Villa Nelle, Extreme Sonnets, The Great American Wise Ass Poetry Anthology, and multiple Potcake Chapbooks.