Chris O’Carroll


Lear of the Limerick

There was an old poet named Lear
Whose limerick habit was queer.
He seldom took time
To find a third rhyme,
That peculiar old poet named Lear.

Calendar Fun Facts, 2018

I. Ash Wednesday Is Valentine’s Day

Thumb on the forehead says
We’re gonna die.
Elsewhere, your touch makes me
Feel pretty spry.

II. April Fool’s Day is Easter

This is the sort of joke you probably
Shouldn’t tell at Sunday school:
Mary Magdalene hollers, “Hey, fellas,
He’s not really dead! April Fool!”

Chris O’Carroll has been a Light featured poet and a frequent contributor to Light‘s Poems of the Week. His work has appeared in The Great American Wise Ass Poetry Anthology, yet has won British prizes from Flash 500, Literary Review, The New Statesman, The Oldie, and The Spectator. His collection The Joke’s on Me (which includes some poems first published in this journal), is forthcoming from Kelsay Books, but not until next year, so let’s all try to contain our excitement.