Chris O’Carroll


Free the Nipple

Can any man be truly feminist?
Or are we so addicted to our power
That we will always inwardly resist
Whenever female freedom bids to flower?
Pity male ally wannabe dismay,
Languishing in that prison of self-doubt
Till Free the Nipple staged a Bastille Day
That stormed our consciousness and let us out.

A woman’s body is her own to bare
Or cover up, not under state control,
The movement says. She chooses what to wear,
She’s mistress of her body and her soul.
So cheering for bare breasts is feminist!
Hooray! Male feminism does exist!

Chris O’Carroll is the author of two books of poems, The Joke’s on Me and Abracadabratude. He has been a Light featured poet, and his work appears in New York City HaikuLove Affairs at the Villa NelleExtreme SonnetsThe Great American Wise Ass Poetry Anthology, and multiple Potcake Chapbooks.