Christopher Scribner


Ecologist’s Report

Tortoises can live quite long. They’re also loath to veto
the urges of their unrelenting surges of libido.
So down in the Galápagos, their number over-reaches
the limits of that territory’s overcrowded beaches.

We scientists have intervened to hinder turtle mating;
we barge right in, disrupting all that shell-bound copulating.
Although the joy we find in this might threaten to corrupt us,
it’s clear the biosphere requires tortoise-interruptus.

Christopher Scribner has been writing and publishing light verse since last century. His work has appeared in an eclectic mix of journals including Euphony, Light, Parody, Rat’s Ass Review, Satire, Journal of Irreproducible Results, and several professional publications. He teaches psychology when he’s not writing.