Christopher Scribner


Crèche Course in Finance

Christmas babies have less student debt.
—News item

“No way, loan arranger,”
the birth-mother said.
His financial ledger
will not feature red.
His Apgar is healthy;
Babinski is fine—
dispense with the FAFSA
and 529.

There’s no point in owing,
no need to apply,
when cattle are lowing
and wise men stand by;
with frankincense, gold,
and a mountain of myrrh
there’s no need to borrow,
no loans to defer.

He won’t attend college;
his carpentry skills
will count more than knowledge
as he pays his bills.
His Father bestows
a divine pedigree—
and he will pay a debt,

Christopher Scribner‘s poetry, satire, and humor have appeared in The Quarterday Review, Light, Euphony, Journal of Irreproducible Results, and other publications. A former psychotherapist, he completed his MFA at Lindenwood University, where he also teaches psychology (when he’s not noodling blues tunes on his guitar).