Cody Walker


America’s Most Popular Poet, According to the BBC?

Who? Me?
No, Rumi.


After a Long Day in Court

Samuel Alito
got all street, yo:
It jus’ bodda me.”


People I Know

I know two people named Ray—
Ray A and Ray B.
Ray A
is a fifty-year-old drunk (in A.A.,
while Ray B
is too young to drink,
I think
(he’s just a five-month-old baby).


Cody Walker is the author of Shuffle and Breakdown (Waywiser Press, 2008) and the coeditor of Alive at the Center: An Anthology of Poems from the Pacific Northwest (Ooligan Press, 2013). His second collection, The Self-Styled No-Child (featuring several poems that originally appeared in print issues of Light), is forthcoming from Waywiser in 2016.