D.A. Prince


The Pudding

(Apologies to Marvell)

Had we but world enough and time
Lemon meringue would be sublime;
Organic lemons, unwaxed, pure,
And eggs from free-range hens ensure
The filling’s rich, the top has grace,
All in a crisp-baked pastry case.
Each element fulfills its part
To show dessert as truest art.

But at my back the deadlines press;
Meringue takes too long, I confess.
Although we’re craving something sweet
On this one I’ll admit defeat.
Why make this three-stage pudding when
We could return to bed, again?
So let’s in the scant time we’ve got
Share strawberry yogurt, from the pot.

D.A. Prince lives mainly in Leicestershire, UK. Aside from three full collections of poetry (all with HappenStance Press), she spends a regrettable amount of time hanging around the world of light verse. Her latest collection is The Bigger Picture (HappenStance, 2022).