Daniel Galef



When the crows no more circle the mountain,
And the mountain bows down to the hill,
When the day comes that days will stop coming,
For the Sun in his Heaven hangs still,

When the wheat has forgotten the sickle,
And the sickle forgiven the wheat,
And Chaos and Death eat each other,
For there aren’t any souls left to eat,

When the House of Hereafter is shuttered,
An eviction note nailed to the door,
On that day, darling dear, I shall love you
And not one single second before.

An Inspired Invention

“A dreadful curse is halitosis,”
Thought Agnes as her husband kissed her,
“Since mouths are found so near to noses.”
She shared her thoughts with Mr. Lister,

Who with his Agnes quite concurred,
But didn’t seem to take the hint.
“A cure for smelly breath—My word!—
If I make that, I’ll make a mint!”

Daniel Galef graduated this June from McGill University, where he was Editor-in-Chief of The Plumber’s Faucet humor magazine, a Student Journalism Award finalist for his column in the McGill Tribune, and winner of the 2016 McGill Drama Festival for the musical play The Stars. He writes poetry (Light, Measure, The Lyric), fiction (Rivet Journal, Sein und Werden, Flash Fiction Magazine), humor (The American Bystander, Defenestration, NationalLampoon.com), and everything else, too. He’s a motivated, cool-to-work-with millennial with uncertain life plans and a lot of editing, filmmaking, and publishing experience. Hire him for literally anything (not literally anything).