Dennis Callegari


Four Clerihews

Marshall McLuhan

Marshall McLuhan
Brought the seance to ruin
When he was able to presage
The medium’s message.


Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Whenever Yul Brynner
Played a devil or a sinner
He shaved off every follicle
To appear even more diabolical.


Winston Churchill

The wrath of Winston Churchill
Was actual, not virtual,
When he was told to quit cigars
And drinking gin in bars.


Marshal Tito

Marshal Josip Broz Tito’s
Dislike of mosquitoes
Was mostly because they disturb ya
Throughout Montenegro and Serbia.

Dennis Callegari has been a devotee of the clerihew since picking up a copy of Edmund Clerihew Bentley’s Complete Clerihews about 15 years ago. He began writing his own clerihews about 10 years ago as an antidote to his day job as a technical writer in Melbourne, Australia. He is the author of Cook’s Cannon and Anchor, a science/history book about the loss and recovery of artifacts from Captain Cook’s Endeavour voyage.