Douglas Brown


The Twilight Years of a TV Anchorwoman

“Beware, my dear, your slip is showing,”
The makeup lady’s smugly quipping.
The ratings book is more all-knowing
And warns her that her show is slipping.


Douglas G. Brown is a New England Yankee, having been born in Belfast, Maine. In fifth grade, his first poem was an irreverent elegy on a local hero, Admiral William Veazie Pratt: “Admiral William Veazie Pratt/Did not expire just like that;/At 87, he went blind,/And then he slowly lost his mind.” His classmates enjoyed it, but the teacher scolded him for “not taking poetry seriously enough.” He has been not taking poetry seriously enough ever since. His work has been published by the Maine Limerick Project, Trinacria, Light, and Lighten Up Online.