Gail White


The Anti-Vegan

The panda bear eats bamboo shoots,
The hamster sunflower seeds,
And on young eucalyptus plants
The plump koala feeds.

But I am not a salad fan.
On greens I take a pass.
It’s just a more sophisticated
Way of eating grass.

Unreconstructed carnivore,
I wield a knife and fork
Upon the creatures who provide
Our chicken, steak, and pork.

I’m sure that as to eating pigs,
The Bible is mistaken:
Why otherwise would God create
A being made of bacon?

But just to show that I have learned
From vegan propaganda,
I would not eat a kinkajou,
Koala bear or panda.

Gail White has been hanging out with formal poetry for decades. Her latest collections, Asperity Street and Catechism, are available on Amazon. She is proud to be included in Nasty Women Poets: An Unapologetic Anthology of Subversive Verse. She lives in South Louisiana with her husband and the cats who provide most of her inspiration.