J.D. Smith


Behind the Epic

The people’s greatest men go forth for years
By land or sea, depending on the foe,
Arrayed with shining swords, shields, helmets, spears
And dazzling banners raised again to show

Who holds dominion over flocks and fields,
Who levies tribute and is far renowned
For showing mercy to the town that yields,
That isn’t burned or leveled to the ground.

The singer of the tribe, near-sighted, lame,
Stays with the women and shares in their chores
Until he’s asked to lend a lasting fame
To heroes’ actions in their latest wars.

A traveler who visits on a whim
Might note how many children look like him.

J.D. Smith‘s fourth collection, The Killing Tree, was reviewed in the Summer 2016 issue of Light. He is currently writing both light and heavy verse, as well as crime fiction.