Jan D. Hodge


An Immodest Proposal

Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn,
proclaim your true devotion.
The only road ahead these days
is shameless self-promotion.

Jenn, Don Ho!

“Come and catch a falling star.
Ride the surf at Waikiki.
Cozy up to any bar.
Watch the sun set on the sea.”
So the advertising folder
Wooed the innocent beholder,
So fair
A snare,
Jenn implored I take her there.

But it rained, the beach was chill,
She was in no mood to shop,
Rum was an insipid frill,
Even sunset proved a flop.
All was lost, until we later
Spotted in the elevator
(Oh no!)
Don Ho.
We’d caught a falling star. Just so!

Jan D. Hodge’s publications include Taking Shape: Carmina Figurata and The Bard and Scheherazade Keep Company (tales from Shakespeare and the Arabian Nights, and Reynard the Fox, double-dactyled), both from Able Muse Press. He has also versified stories from Boccaccio, and has had poems in many print and online journals, including North American Review, New Orleans Review, American Arts Quarterly, Lavender Review, Iambs & Trochees, and Classical Outlook.