Janice D. Soderling


Battle Cry of the One Percent

I aim to take it with me when I go.
I aim to take my Caddy and van Gogh,
a ranch in Paraguay,
my Hawaiian hideaway,
a twenty-room chalet,
two private jets and half of Idaho.

I aim to take it with me when I go,
caviar and bonded scotch and curacao,
the rainbow and fresh air,
I got nada I will share.
I hate schools and Medicare.
I’ve a plan to take it with me when I go.

I’m digging this big hole before I go,
like that king I saw on TV, doncha know.
He dug a cave miles wide
and stashed his loot inside.
He was fully justified.
You don’t like it? Well, you know where you can go.

I’m taking mine and yours too when I go.
Yours is mine so you had better let it go.
I keep tabs on whose and which.
Give it back to me, you bitch.
You have stolen from the rich.
And I want my pockets bulging when I go.


purpleLJanice D. Soderling has poems, fiction and translations in many international literary journals. Recent and forthcoming venues include Rattle, Mezzo Cammin, Per Contra, Hobart (print), Wasafiri, Think, Measure, The Evansville Review, Alabama Literary Review, Poetry Storehouse and Synthesia. She lives in Sweden.