Jenny Dodge


Darling Buds

You? Like a summer’s day? Don’t make me laugh!
Your weather forecast’s too predictable.
Rough words will flatten summer hopes by half;
Summer’s too easily evictable.
Sometime the sun above’s too bleeding hot,
Sometime the summer rain comes pissing down,
It’s all a toss-up we survive or not,
Sometime the grass grows green, sometime it’s brown.
But your eternal reputation’s made;
Celebrity like yours will never fail.
You bask in glory, I skulk in the shade,
You leaked our love life to the Daily Mail.
As long as shows can chat and twits can tweet,
Your words will live… and may they choke you, sweet!

Jenny Dodge was born in Cambridge, UK, and grew up in a village surrounded by wheat, barley and sugar beet. She is old enough to remember the GIs arriving and taking over the Elizabethan manor house as their head quarters. They installed central heating. She went to school in Cambridge and took an Honours degree in English at Bristol University, married a doctor, lived in the Nigerian bush, had three sons, moved to New Zealand, moved back to England and now lives in Warwick. Her grandchildren range in age from nine months to 25 years. Loves writing, but autobiography is not for her, so fill in the details for yourselves!