Joanne Godley


Always Block (his) Calls

An ex-lover called today—we hadn’t spoken in a decade. The day
Before, on Facebook, an old high school
Crush messaged me: “I loathe that you’re no longer in my life.”
Does Covid-19’s shadow loom so very large as to
Entice lovers from lives past; urge them all to reach out and
Fantasize about roads not taken—cast aside whatever rift resulted from our decisions to
Go our separate ways?
Hopefully, it’s not the risk of a lonely death that sparks fear within an ex’s heart or
Is it
Just an apocalyptic yearning to say goodbye and send a virtual
Kiss to the past or, perhaps, it’s to satisfy a morbid curiosity, to
Look into this life of mine from which you
Moonwalked away or, maybe, simple
Nostalgia is the best explanation.
One other
Possibility is that it’s a bestial craving to, once again, hear my sensuous voice.
Questions lurk unanswered. It’s quite creepy that you left fallow the chance for a platonic
Relationship. And cut off all contact with
Someone who once gave you her heart.
Urgently, at this
Very second/minute/hour, you ache to/you long to/you demand to… get close.
What in a man yearns to connect with an ex-lover during a pandemic?
X-cuse me, you say
You’re catching feelings?
Z-z-z-z-z-z-z. Wake me, please, when this drama is all over.

Joanne Godley lives in Alexandria, VA, where she writes poetry and prose and gardens aeroponically. She is a physician now practicing virtually. Her poetry has been published in the Bellevue Literary Review, Mantis, and Kosmos, among others. She was twice nominated for a Pushcart prize. Her chapbook, Picking Scabs from the Body History, was published in 2020.