Joshua Coben


Six-Word Stories: Rhyming Edition


Dad flies. Son defies sun, dies.

News Flash: Daedalus’s Kid Makes Splash


Asteroid. Earth destroyed. Null and void.

Kansas Widow

Twister missed her, tossed her mister.


Elephant weds ant. Want kids. Can’t.

Loves Lawyers Lost

He proposed. She opposed. Case closed.

Tears of a Clown

Circus bride lied, visited strongman’s double-wide.

Divorce Court

Assets bled. Lawyers fed. Single bed.

Witch Hunt

Devil’s wiles. Defendants’ denials. Water trials.

Dunked, bound. Verdict found: innocent, drowned.

Joshua Coben’s first book, Maker of Shadows (Texas Review Press, 2010), won the X. J. Kennedy Poetry Prize. His second collection, Night Chaser (David Robert Books, 2020), was a finalist for the Vassar Miller Prize, the New American Poetry Prize, and the Donald Justice Poetry Prize. His poems have appeared in Light (Summer/Fall 2020), as well as Atlanta Review, The Cincinnati Review, College English, Pleiades, Poet Lore, Poetry Daily, and elsewhere. Visit him online at