Kathy Lundy Derengowski


The Homebody

Most people love to travel
Most people yearn to roam
But no place in the atlas
Is half as sweet as home.

No need to pack a suitcase
No need to take a train
My stuff is here and handy
So home I will remain.

Let others buy a ticket
For plans that they have made
I’ll lie here on my hammock
And sip my lemonade.

No reservations needed
For room or rental car
The bed you always sleep in
Is coziest by far.

So do enjoy your journey,
I’ll miss you, as you know
And do send me a postcard—
But please don’t make me go!

Kathy Lundy Derengowski is a native of San Diego county. She is an active member and co-facilitator of the Lake San Marcos Writer’s Workshop. Her work has appeared in Summation, the ekphrasis anthology of the Escondido Arts Partnership; California Quarterly; Silver Birch Press; Autumn Sky Daily; Turtle Light Press; and the Journal of Modern Poetry. She has won awards from the California State Poetry Society and been a finalist in the San Diego Book Awards poetry chapbook category.