Laura J. Bobrow


To the Bettor Overlord

I’ve re-crossed my knees from the left to the right.
I’ve thought only good thoughts. My outlook is bright.
My rabbit foot’s with me. My cat’s eye’s aglow.
I’m pressing the slot machine buttons just so.

I’ve played every teaser in this gambling hall.
I’ve shown you my dollars and you’ve grabbed them all.
If there’s a new trick, then I haven’t learned how.
Come on, boss. Just show me. I’m ready right now.

I’ve known from the start it’s a sure loser’s game.
I want you to know that I’m not fixing blame,
but there must be a way that you’ll give me some slack.
At least let me have just a teeny bit back.

You’ve hidden my luck. It’s no longer a joke.
I’m asking you nicely. Have pity. I’m broke.

The Craving

If God had not invented the cat,
I can’t say I would have rebuked him for that.

If God had not come up with the tree,
it probably wouldn’t have mattered to me.

If God had not envisioned the night,
but left us a world that was always light,

or if God had not imagined the day,
I’d have managed to muddle along either way.

But I’d use some bad language, I’d holler and squawk it
if God had neglected to give us dark chocolate.

Laura J. Bobrow, poet, author, humorist and nationally-acclaimed storyteller, was once dubbed “the American Milne.” She has since been likened in print to Hilaire Belloc and Edward Lear. Her poems have been published internationally in journals and anthologies, and her fourth chapbook, End Game, is new from Kelsay Books. Born and bred in Mt. Vernon NY, she currently lives in Leesburg VA.