Laura J. Bobrow


Be Sure to Feed Your Pet

Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard

It’s he who digs the grave sites and, when through,
helps her to drag the bulky prize away.
Here, doggie dear, a nice leg bone for you
is meager wage for what he does each day.

She has to be a hundred years or more.
Her voice is cracked. Her aged back is bent.
He sees his mistress close the cupboard door.
Her eyes are dim. What if… an accident?

A thrust-out paw. A fall. And she so frail,
with no one else nearby to know or care…

He hunkers down and waits. He thumps his tail.
She’ll be delicious now the cupboard’s bare.

Laura J. Bobrow has fun with the sound of words and finds excitement in solving the intricate puzzles of the English language. In 1961 the late poet laureate Louis Untermeyer called Laura “the American Milne.” She has also been likened in print to Edward Lear. Laura is, in addition, a nationally acclaimed storyteller.