Leslie Monsour


On Misreading a Wine Ad

“Made to go with the foods you love”

The fools I love drink any old wine,
Whether red, rosé, or white.
A wine made to go with these chums of mine
Should flow freely and last all night.

The wine that is made for the fools I adore,
Yours truly included, I fear,
Is the wine that says “Yes” to the clamor for more;
Its abundance is what we hold dear.

As long as there’s plenty when push comes to shove,
From late afternoon until dawn,
Any wine’s made to go with the fools I love,
As long as the wine’s never gone.

Satan’s Garden

(with apologies to Dorothy Frances Gurney)

Black aphids, white flies do my yard in;
Rats and gophers leave little of worth.
I’m nearer to hell in my garden
Than anywhere else on earth.

Leslie Monsour is a native of Los Angeles, California, where she has been appointed Laurel Canyon’s first Poet Laureate, because it was high time.