Mae Scanlan



Do come join me for dinner tonight. We’ll start with drambuie,
And then move on to something chuie,
Some delectable little hors d’oeuvre
Which I shall s’oeuvre,
Maybe incorporating a bit of brie;
We’ll sie.
Fixing Welsh rarebit
Is my usual harebit,
But instead, I think tonight I’ll prepare a tamale,
By gale!
The main event will be two
Lovely pieces of roast beef au jwo
With perhaps some haricots verts
For us to sherts.
For dessert, my special lemon meringue,
With its citrus-y tingue;
Then, last but not least, a drop of cointreau, just an oz.,
As it’s quality, not quantity, that cz.

Mae Scanlan can’t remember a time when she didn’t write humorous verse. Happily, she’s managed to get a fair amount of it published, in both the U.S. and the U.K. Her other addictions are song writing, photography, and The Washington Post’s Style Invitational.