Mark Blaeuer


Blithe Imperialist

Theodore Roosevelt
touted “Talk softly and
lug a big stick.”

When he yelled “Bully!” at
Ted let an elephant
gun do the trick.


purpleLMark Blaeuer‘s poems and occasional translations of Spanish-language poems have appeared in nearly 70 literary journals over the past four decades. His most recent acceptances have come from The Rotary Dial, Measure, IthacaLit, and Boston Literary Magazine. A book is forthcoming in late 2014 from White Violet Press. Some of his “diamond prose” can be found at His M.A. was in anthropology from the University of Arkansas. He found employment as an archeologist (both field and lab), but also spent a quarter-century interpreting nature and culture for visitors at parks and museums in Illinois, Colorado, Utah, and Arkansas. He and his wife, Sharon Shugart, live on several acres, with assorted rescue dogs and cats, in the Ouachita Mountains.