Mary Kipps


Dressing for the Ever After
The Most Important Fashion Choice You’ll Ever Make

When it’s your time and you’re laid to rest
all gussied up in your church-going best,
is this the way you are stuck always dressed
in the Kingdom of Ever After?

And if cremation’s the route you chose,
does Peter notice you’re not wearing clothes?
Is that why Catholics turn up their nose
at burning? To spare one the laughter?

My Sunday garb is woefully tight.
My birthday suit’s now a frightening sight.
It’s comfort I want when I enter the light.
Am I overthinking this? Still . . .

it’s not a choice I’ll entrust to chance.
I’m picking out my clothes in advance—
a soft cotton top, a loose pair of pants—
and I’m highlighting this in my Will.

Mary Kipps writes poetry for all age groups, in traditional forms as well as in free verse. Her work has appeared regularly in poetry journals and anthologies across the U.S. and abroad since 2005. She is also the author of three humorous paranormal Kindle books: All in Vein, A Sucker for Heels, and Bitten: A Practical Guide to Dating a Vampire.