Olivia Hajioff


On The Brink Of Ipsey

On the Brink of Ipsey
I callooed out to sea.
The telush, he came nearer,
but never quite to me.

The telush, he did fabble
just as you might expect
with flenter and with slatter,
but he was quite correct.

He could not know my meaning
when I threw him a ghish
so he defurbulated
and I hid in a zish.

I feared that he might vinch me
if he’d misunderstood
though I’d meant my gift kindly
I’d wallom if I could.

I jinted until nightfall
in hopes he might appear
but telushes are flinty
and he would not come near.

So, on the Brink of Ipsey
I calloo out to sea.
The telush, though I see him,
will never come to me.

Olivia Hajioff, a Fulbright scholar, has published poetry in The Road Not Taken, The Lyric, Jersey Devil Press, Ginosko Literary Journal, Better Than Starbucks, Light, Penumbra, and the Front Porch Review, among others. She is the 2020 Grand Choice Winner of the Laura Riding Jackson Poetry Competition. Olivia was also guest poet at the Hylton Center for Performing Arts at George Mason University.  When she was nine, a short story she wrote was presented as a children’s ballet on the British television show Free Time. Professionally, Olivia is a concert violinist.