Pat D’Amico


Bread and Butter Economics

“Shrinkflation bites: popular food brands quietly downsize while charging same price or more”
The Guardian

One visual fact has ensnared my attention
Regarding your bread and its present dimension:
My sandwich, I’ll note, is decidedly dinky.
When retrieving my toast, I am burning my pinky.
The conclusion’s baked in and I want you to know
That despite buttered words, it’s less dough for the dough.

The Wedding Party

The parents of the bride divorced—
Each married two times more.
The parents of the groom, likewise,
Were even on that score.
The happy couple here today
Each has a lengthy nexus
Of siblings (either half or whole),
Their own kids and some exes.
The church is bulging at the seams
With folks of scant relations.
It’s one big happy family
With certain reservations.

Pat D’Amico is a former school teacher who lives in Kirkland, Washington. Her verses have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Saturday Evening Post, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, Light, and Lighten Up Online. She contributes regularly to Northwest Prime Time, a newspaper for readers over fifty in the Seattle/Tacoma area.