Pat D’Amico


Smart and Smarter

The depression kids spawned the baby boom,
Which in turn produced the X’s.
Each generation in its bloom
Contributes to the nexus.
Each knows more than the one before,
So this question, please address:
If we get smarter, evermore,
Why’s the world in such a mess?


Only in the Opera

Only in the opera,
When the hero has been stabbed
And he’s staggered and he’s stumbled
And his chest wound has been grabbed,
Does he ramp up with his baritone,
His tenor or his bass
And sing till he expires
With a grimace on his face.



The oil goes to the wheel that squeaks.
The press goes to the wheel that leaks.


purpleLPat D’Amico is a former elementary school teacher who has always enjoyed packaging life’s ironies in rhyme. She was a regular contributor to The Wall Street Journal‘s Pepper and Salt from 1986 to 2000. Her verses have appeared in The Saturday Evening Post, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, Light Quarterly, Lighten Up ( book two), Lighten Up Online, Northwest Prime Time, and The Seattle Times. She has three booklets in print: Doggerellies, Grandmarellies, and Thwarting Father Time.